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We wanted to take a moment to share something interesting with you today that one of our founders was telling us about the other day at our team meeting.

He was talking to the entire Rejuvia team about his CBD discovery story and how it has totally transformed his wellness, and he mentioned that he started with considerably high doses of it. He said he would take two doses of a 1000mg tincture each night because his body typically didn’t respond to small doses of supplements. He wasn’t having much success with CBD, so he figured he would start increasing his serving size.

He soon realized that he was making a mistake. Often times, with CBD, less is more. RC wasn’t able to enjoy the full, powerful CBD experience since he was practically drinking a whole tincture each night!  

Right before he almost quit with CBD entirely, a friend mentioned to RC that he only takes half of the serving size because he feels even better with a small dose than when he takes the full dose. Obviously, RC took note, tried a smaller dose that night, and realized what he had been missing out on for a while. 

Our message to you is that sometimes less is more with CBD! Start with a small dose and work your way up! If you are having trouble grasping the full CBD experience, try taking a step back with your serving size. Take it from our founder: smaller doses often times work more effectively than larger doses.

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