There are a lot of CBD companies and brands out there, and we understand how confusing it can be at times to make the best product decision. We’re here to help you with this. We want you to understand what is important to consider when buying your CBD.

We stand by our belief that not all hemp CBD is created equally, and that company transparency is one of the most important things to consider in the current market. A recent study done by the University of Pennsylvania, the institution where one of our co-founders currently studies, discovered that over 70% of all CBD products are mislabeled. For us, that is quite concerning and that’s why we are committed to giving you great shopping tips.

If you’re currently looking to add CBD to your wellness routine, you should consider these three points in order to find a quality brand and product.

1. Lab Reports!

Lab reports are easily one of the most crucial things that a company can offer their community. Lab reports are a clear indicator that a company is proud of where their hemp comes from and how their products are made. Like we mentioned before, not all CBD is created equally, and in an unregulated market like we have right now, it is very important for you to read the lab reports for the products you’re interested in.

Something else you should consider is who is testing the products. Is the company themselves testing and writing the lab reports, or are they using a third-party lab to test their products? At Rejuvia, we do both. All of our products are tested in-house during production and we use third-party labs. We believe that using a third-party is the most honest and proper way of testing our products. On your Rejuvia product, you can even scan a QR code that will immediately bring up your lab results. That is how strongly we feel about you knowing what’s in your hemp CBD product.

Read our blog about why lab reports are so important here.

2. Is there a trial period?

What happens if your body doesn’t respond well to CBD or you find that it just doesn’t work well for you? These are real concerns, and that’s why you should find out whether or not the brand you’re interested in offers a trial period on their products.

What does it mean when a company offers their customers a trial period with their products? It means that they care about their community and have their best interest in mind. That’s why Rejuvia is one of the first companies to offer a 100% risk-free, 30-day trial on any of our products.

That’s right! You can bring Rejuvia into your life risk-free. So, if you end up not liking a product or find that it doesn’t work as well as you thought it would, then you can easily send it back to us and we will send you a full refund. No small print. No catches.

3. What have previous customers said?

It is also very important for you to read the reviews of the products you are interested in. What are the people saying who have already used the product? Companies are not allowed to make any health claims about their products, so previous customers will be very informative about how the products worked for them.

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At Rejuvia, we are passionate about bringing good health to customers across the country. This means providing a variety of pure, premium CBD products. Even better, particularly for our customers who intend to bring CBD on their flights, all of our products are guaranteed to be 100% THC-free. We not only tell our customers that this is the case, we prove it. Each and every one of our Rejuvia products are manufactured with the highest attention to quality, from the initial growing and harvesting of the hemp plants and throughout the extraction and purification process. We intend for our products to be 100% THC-free, and we conduct lab-testing on each and every one of our products to ensure that this is, in fact, the case. As a result, our customers can take our CBD products on their flights with the peace of mind they need.

At Rejuvia, we believe that serving our customers also means providing helpful information about CBD. Informed customers are happy customers who are able to make the best decisions about their health. If you have any questions about our products, or about CBD in general, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you soon. Visit us today.

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