With health and wellness being everyone’s top priority lately, it is important to recognize the impact our daily hygiene practices have on our overall well-being, and the well-being of our loved ones. Now more than ever, seemingly small gestures like diligently washing our hands and wiping down surfaces can play a vital role in limiting the spread of germs and illnesses.

Not surprisingly, many health and wellness articles are focused on proper handwashing and other generic, but beneficial health tips. At Rejuvia™, we not only want to encourage healthy hygiene practices in general, but we also want to share a few tips that can apply specifically to individuals who use daily health and wellness products, as there are many small but important precautions you can take to reduce the spread of germs and keep you and your family safe.

Rejuvia ™ – Your Partner in Wellness

No matter what is going on in the world, it has always been our mission to encourage balance, wellness, and harmony in the lives of our valued customers with the help of the highest quality CBD products on the market. We take our role in the health and wellness industry very seriously, so we have compiled a few tips to encourage good hygiene practices while using your favorite CBD products.

1. Product Storage

We always encourage customers to store their products somewhere cool and dry to maximize the 18-month shelf life. In doing so, try to choose a place that is not out in the open, such as a bathroom counter or in a common living space, as airborne germs can contaminate the bottle. Essentially, if your product can easily be coughed on or sneezed on, now is the time to grab a disinfecting wipe, wipe the product down thoroughly, and store it in a safer location, such as a medicine cabinet.

2. Product Administration

Many CBD products are taken orally, whether via a softgel or a tincture, and it is important that we do not inadvertently transmit unwanted bacteria into our bodies. To reduce your risk of spreading germs:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before handling your product.
  • Use an antibacterial wipe and wipe down the bottle, especially if the product is handled by anyone other than yourself.
  • Only ingest a product if your hands are freshly washed.
  • For softgels, open the bottle, pour your recommended dosage into the cap. Avoid pouring multiple softgels into your hand and then returning unused softgels back into the bottle to reduce the risk of contaminating your bottle.
  • For tinctures, practice squeezing the product under your tongue without actually touching the inside of your mouth with the dropper. Tip: This is most easily accomplished in front of a mirror. This is especially important if you are (or have recently been) sick, as you do not want to have unwanted germs on your dropper.
  • If you are sick, consider mixing your favorite tincture into a morning smoothie or another beverage to avoid contaminating your dropper.

3. Healthy General Practices

  • If possible, do not share products!
  • Wash your hands thoroughly immediately before and after administering a product.
  • If you are administering your CBD product on the go and there isn’t a sink with soap and water immediately nearby, try to wait to take your product or thoroughly use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before consuming your product.

We’re in This Together

While some of these tips may seem like common sense, we find the information to be important to share because your health and well-being are important to us. As customers do their part to implement increased safety precautions, we are diligently maintaining our industry-leading standard for cleanliness and quality, ensuring that every Premium Grade CBD product you receive from Rejuvia™ is handled with utmost care and consideration for your family’s health and wellness. We will continue to maintain the highest standard of hygiene practices as we continue to produce the products that help support your emotional and physical wellness during these uncertain times. Rejuvia ™ is not just your trusted partner in CBD – we also view our customers as family, and we will do everything in our power to keep our family healthy and thriving.

CBD – Support When You Need It Most

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the health and wellness product that has taken the market by storm in recent years, as it is all-natural, plant-derived, and non-addictive. After the Farm Bill passed in 2018, this hemp-derived “wonder supplement“ became legal in all 50 states. It didn’t take long for consumers to give CBD a try, only to realize that it was perhaps the missing link between them and true balance and serenity. CBD works harmoniously with the body, encouraging a more relaxed overall disposition, supporting a more restful nights sleep, and even aiding in faster muscle and joint recovery. The true potential of CBD is still unknown, as it is still relatively new to the health and wellness market. But as the positive reviews keep rolling in and consumers continue reporting numerous benefits, it seems to only be growing in popularity.

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As your trusted CBD provider, Rejuvia™ partners with the most experienced organic hemp growers and manufacturers in the United States, resulting in the absolute purest CBD products on the market. We not only promise that our products are potent and safe – we prove it. We utilize rigorous in-house testing as well as unbiased third-party lab testing for quality assurance. We also provide Certificates of Analysis and Potency for our customers to view by simply scanning the QR code on the bottle.

We pride ourselves in being absolutely transparent, so you can trust that your CBD product is safe to use. Additionally, all of our carefully crafted CBD products are THC-free, so you can receive all of the wellness-evoking benefits our products have to offer without the fear of any psychoactive side effects.

If you are seeking balance, wellness, or to restore your emotional fortitude in this fast-paced world, reach out to Rejuvia™ today to find the perfect CBD product to meet your needs. You can shop online anytime, and contact us directly if you have any questions or would like a personalized product recommendation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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