From an Idea to a Wellness Ritual

REJUVIA started with our fundamental belief that the best wellness products are organic, natural and include solely essential, restorative ingredients. Our founding family is full of passionate innovators and wellness advocates. We’re inspired by the power of hemp, and believe it can revolutionize the future.

We’ve combined our passion for innovation with our belief in natural wellness. When we were first introduced to CBD, we knew we found the answer we had been looking for: a real, natural wellness product. After years of using CBD, we knew we needed to start spreading the life-changing benefits we were experiencing with our community.


It's All In Our Name

Re·ju·ve·nate: verb. To give new energy or vigor to; to revitalize.

Our name speaks volumes. We believe that rejuvenation and discovering new energy is possible through small lifestyle choices. That’s why we’ve crafted our wellness collection to be as easy as possible to add into your daily routines.

Your lifestyle is your health. Making small lifestyle choices can make a world of difference to your life. Our wellness collection ensures that finding your balance and rediscovering clarity and tranquility in your life can be done through small shifts in your lifestyle.


Our Mission

Our mission is to illuminate to the extraordinary benefits of hemp. We believe it’s time to overcome the stigma around cannabis and CBD which will help to create a healthier world and cleaner environment. 

Our founding family has been in the medical field for nearly 50 years. We’ve done revolutionary things like inventing the laparoscope and developing instruments to cure nearsightedness. But we are diverse too. We are professional athletes, medical and laboratory professionals, and engineers. We’ve walked all different paths of life, and now we’re united in mission. We have always had a common interest in natural health and wellness and always hoped we could integrate our collective experience into one family business. Enter REJUVIA.


Experience Your Butterfly Effect

We believe in The Butterfly Effect. Small shifts in your thinking or small changes in your energy can cause ripples of positivity in your life.

Think of how your whole world changed with some small chance you took or small change you made. Create your “ripple” with a new daily wellness ritual. See how feeling less stressed and more balanced can rejuvenate your world.

Our belief is that you can tap into the butterfly effect through your lifestyle. Making small, daily lifestyle changes can revolutionize wellness. 

Kristen Williams, Founder

Having recently sold her medical business, Kristen was looking to follow her passion for health and wellness. Then when the Farm Bill was signed, it came together. Following much discussion and research on the many benefits of CBD, the new venture became clear. Using her skills of product development, manufacturing compliance and business management, Kristen co-launched Rejuvia and is excited to help create a healthier populus through nature.

Balance Your World

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