The Rejuvia Story

Rejuvia may seem new, but we really aren’t. Our founding family has been in the medical field for nearly 50 years. We’ve done good things like inventing the laparoscope and developing instruments to cure nearsightedness. But we are diverse too.

We are professional athletes, medical and laboratory professionals, and engineers. Despite our diversity, we have always had a common interest in natural health and wellness and always hoped we could integrate our collective experience into one family business. Then last year, it happened. The 2018 Farm Bill was signed and industrial hemp was legalized. That day, we knew what our venture would be. Enter Rejuvia.

We believe so strongly that hemp is the future of wellness that we think it could spark a medical revolution as significant as the discovery of antibiotics. We also believe because of the many other uses for hemp, it could spark an industrial revolution that rivals the roaring 20s. To us, it’s a Hemp Revolution.


Our Promise

There are a lot of choices for CBD products and it’s worrisome because the market isn’t regulated yet. In fact, a study done by the University of Pennsylvania published in the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), found that 70% of the products they tested were not accurately labeled for CBD content. The concentrations were well above or well below what was labeled. And most bothersome was that THC was detected in 21% of the products and “the THC content observed may be sufficient to produce intoxication or impairment.”

So here is our promise to you – our products are clean, safe, natural and transparent.

All products are manufactured in CGMP facilities (Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA). We only use organic and natural ingredients that are traceable from seed to bottle.

The individual lab results for your product can be scanned and viewed right from the bottle. We don’t compromise on product quality and you shouldn’t either. Feel free to call, chat or email us and we will always be happy to speak with you.


The Butterfly Effect

At Rejuvia, we believe in The Butterfly Effect. Small shifts in your thinking or small changes in your energy can cause ripples of positivity in your life.

Think of how your whole world changed with some small chance you took or small change you made. Create your “ripple” with a new daily wellness ritual. See how feeling less stressed and more balanced can rejuvenate your world.

Meet RC Williams, Co-Founder

As a college student at the University of Pennsylvania, RC always believed there had to be an effective yet natural way for athletes to recover. He is one of the original creators of Rejuvia along with his mother, Kristen. Energetic, relentless and passionate, RC is inspired to change the way athletes sleep, recover and recharge. Starting from his dorm room at college, he loves the challenge of creating a business and inspiring a natural wellness revolution.

Meet Kristen Knepshield Williams, Co-Founder

Having recently sold her medical business, Kristen was looking to follow her passion for health and wellness. Then last year when the whole family was home, it came together. Following much discussion and research on the many benefits of CBD, the new venture became clear. Using her skills of product development, manufacturing compliance and business management, Kristen co-launched Rejuvia and is excited to help create a healthier populus through nature.


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