We are sure you have questions like these: How much do I take? What’s the best way to take it? Does it even matter how I take it? What way will give me the best effects? What’s the best time in the day for me to take it? Don’t worry- everyone feels the same way when they start. We have answers for you!

Step 1: Use the dropper to apply the oil under your tongue.

The best way to consume a CBD tincture is sublingually. Sublingually means under your tongue. This is a very effective way of getting CBD into your bloodstream quickly. Use the dropper to squeeze the oil under your tongue and then let it sit there for one to two minutes. It usually takes 60-90 seconds for the substance to be absorbed. 

After a minute or two, go ahead and swish the oil around in your mouth. This will again help your body with absorption. The oil should taste good – we offer flavors! After you swish it around for a few seconds, swallow the oil.

Our droppers are the easiest way to for you to get the oil under your tongue. Our droppers hold 1ml of oil, so make sure to check the serving size on each bottle. Check step 3 for more information regarding dosage size.

Step 2: Add your CBD oil to your daily routine.

The best way to remember to take your CBD oil everyday is to add it to your daily routine. We recommend adding it to your morning routine, your night time routine, or both! If you take your CBD at the same time(s) each day, you will be able to analyze how you feel after taking it, and see how your body responds. You might need to change the time you take your CBD oil in order to get the maximum effect- that is OK! Finding your perfect dose may require some experimentation but you should find it within a short period of time. Some people also find that a moderate dose taken 2-4 times a day works best for them.

We also suggest is that you either eat before or after you take your CBD oil. This helps your body absorb it more effectively. Consuming your CBD with healthy fatty foods such as nuts, avocado or cheese is ideal for maximizing the effects of the CBD.

Step 3: Determining your dosage.

Although many healthcare professionals have suggested that the most common dosage is 25 mg, many factors including weight, age and metabolism affect what dosage will be effective for you. You might respond best to 10mg everyday, and someone else might need 60mg twice a day. Don’t worry about what everyone else is taking. Make sure you are taking what is best for you and your body.

We get questions daily about how much someone should be taking and what the normal amount is, and unfortunately there is not a standard answer. On all of our bottles, we include the suggested serving size based on the type of product and additional benefits the product may have. But like earlier, experimentation can help you find the best dosage. We suggest you start low and slow and see how you respond. If you don’t feel as much of an effect as you would like after 2 or 3 days, then try more the next day or try taking the same dose twice a day. Don’t worry, there is no harm in trying new dosages. Research has shown and the World Health Organization has confirmed that CBD is safe and non-addictive.

All of our products contain valuable information regarding serving size, so make sure to read the label. Please always feel free to contact us by telephone, email or chat as we are ready to help!

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