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We wanted to take a few moments to update you on what some of our team members at Rejuvia have been doing recently, and how they are staying busy. We all have a lot more free time than before, but we aren’t able to spend it like we normally would. We aren’t able to enjoy our regular coffee shops, team lunches and our frequented fitness classes or yoga classes. Yes, we are disappointed about that, but we’ve been finding so much joy in new activities and the great outdoors!

One thing that was common amongst all of our team members was that we are spending so much more time outside! The weather, at least around Philadelphia, has been incredibly nice and pleasant! It’s almost like Mother Nature knew we’d have to socially distance ourselves for a little bit of time, so she rewarded us with some amazing Spring weather.

Our team has been doing things like running, walking around their neighborhoods with their dogs, going on nature walks in surrounding parks and mountains, and even doing online yoga classes outside. The time by ourselves has undoubtedly helped us connect deeper with nature and enjoy more sun, and nice temperatures.

Our team is also taking part in all of our virtual zoom meetings while outside. It’s something that our co-founder, RC, has greatly encouraged our team to do. Spending time outside is good for our soul, and seems to brighten up our days that much more.

Some of our team members have also gone on long nature drives. Yes, it’s important to continue to practice the best sanitary and safety measures at all times, but going on longer drives is still OK! It’s quite cleansing to drive around and simply observe nature and all of its beauty.

We’re also spending a lot more time watching Netflix and reading books. Yes, we admit it, we are Netflix-bingers too! Some shows we’ve been loving recently on Netflix are: Ozark, MindHunter and of course, The Office. This might be the first time in history that we can save the world and stop the pandemic by simply staying home and watching Netflix, and trust us, we are playing our role in that!

Our team has a bunch of avid-readers. We’ve love hearing about what our team members have been reading recently and some of the knowledge they’ve been gaining. We really encourage and love reading at Rejuvia. We believe it’s so crucial to take some time to yourself each day to let your mind settle down and simply focus on one thing: the encapsulating book you’re into at that time. Some books our team has been reading lately are: Originals by Adam Grant, Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker, and Brain Maker by David Perlmutter.

Obviously, we are missing one important thing about what we’re doing with our social-distancing time: how we are continuing to inspire health and wellness to our entire community and beyond. These times call for us to be innovative and creative. We aren’t able to continue on with our daily routines. This has allowed us to gain new perceptive on all our of doings before the COVID-19 outbreak, and analyze how we can continue to get better.

One thing we’ve started this week is setting up calls or Face-time with customers to talk about their experiences, wellness routines and how CBD has inspired their wellness revolution. We find great value in hearing as many perspectives as we can, and we are so happy to build strong, purposeful relationships with everyone in our community. Every conversation we have with our community gives us more and more insight into how we should be thinking about future products, development of current products, and how we can continue to push forward our wellness mission.

Additionally, we’ve been taking this time to grow closer as a team. We believe our relationships with our community can only be strong if those within our team are strong. Each day, we are learning new things about one another and how we all think and approach certain things. In turn, this allows us to grow as a team and find more and more creative ways to expand upon our wellness mission.

Take a moment to check out our Instagram at @rejuviahemp. We are trying out new things like live steaming Q&As with our team members, hosting live yoga classes and much more. We’d love to try to get as many community members together at the same time as we can!

We hope you all are continuing to practice the best social distancing practices, the best sanitation and safety measures, and enjoying as much time as you can with your loved ones. We know in a short time we will all get through times stronger and more together than before.

In Wellness,

The Rejuvia Team

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