Dear Community Members, 

Our mission at Rejuvia is to inspire health and wellness in all members of our community. We understand that we are living through challenging, rapidly changing times, and we are doing everything in our power to continue to ensure the safety and wellness of all of those around us. 

Our empathy and compassion goes out to those who have already been affected by this pandemic. It’s stressful and difficult for all of us to live through this pandemic sweeping our country. We wanted to take a moment to share all of the precautionary measures Rejuvia has been and continues to take regarding the safety and quality of our products.

Rejuvia has ensured that all of its products are thoroughly tested for quality, purity and safety at all locations in our supply chain. Our products are tested multiple times throughout the entire process of cultivating our hemp into our final products. Rest assured that all of our hemp cultivation, manufacturing processes and lab testing are done in cGMP compliant facilities that uphold the highest safety and sanitary standards.

We also understand that social distancing is of critical importance right now. We have asked all employees of Rejuvia to continue their work remotely and to follow all social distancing guidelines laid out in order to ensure their safety and wellness. We know this is a crucial step in the containment and mitigation of this pandemic, so we want to play our role by supporting the wellness of our community.

We want to assure you that this will not impact the availability of our customer experience team, or the readiness of your orders. Orders will be received and delivered as usual. As long as our shipping services continue to run, you will receive your Rejuvia order quickly and efficiently. 

Please continue to exercise the best health and wellness routines as you can, and stay safe, sanitary and smart in these uncertain times.

In Wellness,

The Rejuvia Team

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