CBD has recently been dubbed the “wonder-supplement” as it steadily gains momentum across the country. Consumers continue reporting numerous health and wellness benefits while manufacturers work tirelessly to create innovative and exciting CBD products. You may have noticed that, along with the wide range of CBD product variety, you also can find significant varieties in price for products that, at a glance, appear to be just about the same.

In order to truly understand some of the reasons CBD products vary in price, you first have to get to know CBD a bit more intimately.  We are going to peer behind the curtain and reveal the different ways CBD is grown, processed, and sold, which will result in a deeper understanding of how it is priced. By the end of this short piece, you are sure to be a highly informed shopper, unable to be fooled by gimmicks and misleading advertising.

All CBD Is Not Created Equally

Just like with anything else you purchase, especially in the health and wellness category, quality matters. There’s a reason we scrutinize labels and want to know the ingredients inside of our products – we desire products that are safe and effective. While this sounds like common sense, if you don’t know what to look for, it can be easy to assume that your product is of high quality and that it is safe. When it comes to CBD, there are a few ways to decipher quality from mediocrity, and it’s easier than you think.  Simply pay attention to the following qualities:

Make sure your CBD is:

✓ Hemp-derived

In order to comply with the law (The 2018 Farm Bill), all CBD products must be derived from hemp, as hemp naturally contains .3% THC or less, ensuring consumers will not experience any psychoactive side effects while using their products. If your product of choice does not specify that the CBD is hemp-derived, that’s your first indication that you should seek another brand.

✓ Organically-grown using strict farming methods

Reputable CBD brands will have a website with a section dedicated to explaining their farming methods. Your brand of choice should be transparent about their methods and adhere to strict organic growing standards, guaranteeing that the hemp plant from which your CBD is extracted is grown with meticulous attention to detail to ensure quality at every step. When your hemp is organically-grown, closely monitored throughout its entire life cycle, and harvested at the perfect time, it will contain the best and purest CBD as a result.

If your CBD product is surprisingly inexpensive, there’s a chance it’s not organically-grown and pure.

✓ Extracted using a safe, industry-standard extraction method

There are many ways to extract the helpful cannabinoids from the hemp plant. However, the most advanced (and frankly, the most expensive) methods help ensure the final CBD extract is potent, safe to use, and not filled with contaminants. The two most popular extraction methods used by reputable CBD brands are:

  • CO₂ extraction
  • Solvent extraction

Both methods are complex and expensive when done in a professional capacity. If your CBD brand of choice doesn’t share their extraction process with you, that is another red flag. You should be able to be confident in how your CBD was extracted in order to know it was done safely, resulting in a pure, chemical and solvent-free CBD oil.

✓ Third party lab tested for quality assurance

Top CBD brands are diligent about keeping their customers happy, safe, and informed.

The absolute best way for a customer to know that a company’s claims are legitimate, and the product actually contains what the bottle claims, is for the product to be third-party lab tested. Then, that lab report should be available for customers to view, verifying the exact content of the product. This is vital in knowing your product is safe, complies with the law, and that it matches the label.

Third -party lab testing will confirm:

  • How much actual CBD is in your product
  • How much THC is in your product (and if it’s more than .3%, you’ll know the product wasn’t derived from hemp and doesn’t comply with the law)
  • If there are residual solvents, metals, and pesticides

If there is no third-party lab testing, there is no way to verify the claims made on the label. So if your CBD product seems to be low priced, that could be the reason why.

So, just to recap (and for you to have a “checklist” to keep or take a screenshot of to refer back to):

When shopping for CBD, you’ll want to make sure your product is:

✓ Hemp-derived

✓ Organically-grown using strict farming methods

✓ Extracted using a safe, industry-standard extraction method

✓ Third party lab tested for quality assurance

ALL of this information should be present on your CBD brand’s website, so if they don’t have one, that’s another red flag.

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering why some CBD products are more expensive than others, you can now refer to your CBD checklist to see some of the important characteristics a high-quality CBD brand has, in order to compare quality standards to price points. When companies cut corners, don’t have high standards for farming or processing, don’t follow strict regulations when it comes to extraction, and don’t invest in third-party lab testing to verify their advertising claims, they likely offer inexpensive CBD products – products with prices that likely mirrors their quality.

If it seems too good to be true… it probably is.

While it may be a little more expensive, high-quality CBD products are not just investments in a bottle with a pretty label; they are investments in your well-being and health. It’s important that you don’t gamble with your health and choose a product that could potentially be unsafe just because it appears to be a good price.

Rejuvia™: Quality CBD You Can Trust

As an industry-leading CBD brand, Rejuvia ™ has quickly earned its excellent reputation for not only meeting all of the above criteria for quality CBD, but exceeding those standards. Their proprietary extraction and purification process is just one of the many carefully scrutinized and supervised steps they take to ensure their CBD products are the most pure and bioavailable on the market.

This premier CBD retailer takes the guesswork out of choosing a trustworthy company so you can shop with confidence and dedicate your time and attention to finding the right CBD product to complement your life and enhance your vitality. Never settling for being average, Rejuvia™ constantly strives to create the most cutting-edge, potent, and safe hemp-derived CBD products available. From fast-acting CBD Oil Tinctures and long-lasting CBD Softgels to innovative CBD Creams and Balms and CBD Oral Sprays, there is a perfect fit for just about any lifestyle at Rejuvia™.

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