The health and wellness superstar, CBD, is making headlines at every turn. Most US cities are practically inundated with ads, specialty shops, and even billboards, doting on CBD for its versatility and effectiveness. It seems to have gone from “fad” to “permanent fixture” in the lives of many, and it doesn’t appear to be losing momentum any time soon. To understand why this so-called “wonder supplement” is making such an impression and how it can benefit you, let’s take a closer look at what it is and how you can use it to see the numerous benefits reported by consumers on a daily basis. We will also pay extra attention to the idiosyncrasies of measuring the perfect CBD dosage amount for your optimal needs, using the dropper to its maximum potential. (Spoiler: CBD products and their droppers vary, so this information will be vital to understanding exactly how much CBD you are consuming!)

What Is CBD?

First things first. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of exactly what CBD is used for and how to accurately use your CBD dropper to fine-tune the perfect dosage to meet your needs, we first need to have a foundational understanding of exactly what CBD is and why it impacts the body in such beneficial ways.

CBD is a versatile and fascinating compound found in a variety of cannabis plants. Short for cannabidiol, this particular ingredient is one of over 100 compounds called “cannabinoids” found within these plants and used in health and wellness products across the country. CBD and other cannabinoids are completely legal in the United States when they are derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is a genetic cousin of the marijuana plant, but is also quite different, as marijuana naturally contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC), the ingredient known for its psychoactive effects. Hemp plants contain only trace amounts of the psychoactive ingredient (up to .3%), and those trace amounts are not considered to be harmful.

Since 2018 when The Farm Bill was passed, products containing hemp-derived CBD began hitting the shelves at rapid rates, as consumers were eager to try this beneficial ingredient without fear of psychoactive effects. The federal law made it legal for hemp-derived CBD (with up to .3% THC) to be grown, manufactured, sold, and consumed across the country. Because this plant-based extract is non-psychoactive, safe to use, and non-addictive, it has become a hot item in the homes of millions and a welcomed addition to the wellness routines of many.

What Can CBD Actually Do?

While extensive research is still in its infancy and we have perhaps only tapped into a small fraction of what CBD is capable of, there are some basic scientific unveilings that have given CBD supporters (and even skeptics) hope that there is significantly more potential to be revealed in the years ahead. Understanding how our bodies react to the compound is the first step in understanding how it may benefit us.

Every single body has internal workings known as the “endocannabinoid system.” Within that system lie numerous receptors that impact head to toe bodily functions – from our ability to relax and fall asleep to our receptors that indicate that our muscles and joints feel fatigue and discomfort. Whether as a result of diet, age, smoking, or other factors, our bodies sometimes fail to produce all of the endocannabinoids we need to function optimally. Some research suggests that, when consumed, CBD may mimic our naturally-occurring endocannabinoids, providing relief to discomforts in our bodies in a natural way. This fascinating glimpse into the ongoing research makes the idea of CBD even more exciting, as a future filled will an all-natural, plant-derived compound, positively impacting our bodies, is hopeful, promising one.

Using CBD to Experience Optimal Benefits

As promised, we are going to delve into how CBD can best benefit you, which goes hand in hand with finding your optimal CBD dosage. In an effort to reveal exactly how much control you have over your dosage when you use a dropper, we are going to primarily focus on the idiosyncrasies of using CBD drops. Most other CBD products are premeasured to a degree (softgels, for example). So while you can control your dosage by understanding how many milligrams of CBD is contained in each softgel, you cannot fine-tune your dosage as carefully as you can with a dropper.

First, all CBD is not identical. Before proceeding in your effort to find the right amount of CBD to meet your needs, you will want to ensure that your CBD is pure, filler-free, and produced by a trustworthy company that utilizes a third party for lab testing. This provides you the assurance that your product contains only beneficial ingredients, with no unwanted pesticides, metals, or solvents. Once this vital preliminary box is checked and you have found a reputable CBD brand with quality CBD products you can trust, you can shift your attention to dosage.

CBD Drops and Droppers: Your Ally in Finding Your Perfect Dose

CBD drops, which are sometimes referred to as CBD Oil Tinctures, are one of the most popular CBD products on the market today, because they deliver quick results to the consumer. That’s because these products are typically taken sublingually (meaning, placing the drops under the tongue), and held for about 60 seconds before swallowing, giving the ingredients time to absorb directly into the bloodstream via the numerous microscopic blood vessels under the tongue, bypassing the digestive tract.

When you pick up any bottle of CBD drops, you first want to examine how many milligrams of CBD are contained in the entire bottle, then how many are contained in a “serving,” which is usually a full dropper. This amount can vary, depending on the concentration of CBD in the specific product.

For example, a CBD oil bottle containing 500 milligrams total can have about 16.6 milligrams per serving, giving consumers generally about 30 servings per bottle. In your effort to find the perfect amount to meet your needs, you should start with a small dose and work your way up, as needed. A responsible retailer will likely recommend starting with your dropper ¼ full, meaning you’ll expose your body to only four milligrams to start. Now, depending on your weight, you may not see any effects right away, and you may want to increase your dosage.

Similarly, a CBD oil bottle containing 1000 milligrams total can have about 33.3 milligrams per serving, again giving consumers generally about 30 servings per bottle. But in this case, a serving contains double the amount of the active CBD ingredient. This is why it is absolutely imperative to understand how to use your dropper! You can easily take more than necessary and potentially experience unwanted side effects.

In general, if you are a first time CBD user, here is how you should begin using your CBD Oil Tincture:

Simply unscrew the dropper from the bottle, lightly squeeze the top until the dropper is ¼ full, and squeeze the product under your tongue. Hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. Because you have the benefit of the dropper, and the understanding of how to use it to incrementally control your dosage, you can fill it halfway, three-quarters of the way, or fill it completely, depending on your personal dosage needs. Either way, it is important to understand exactly how many milligrams of CBD you are ingesting and how you feel as a result. It may be beneficial to write down your dosages so you can refer back to it in your diligent effort to find the perfect amount for you.

Quality Matters

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