At Rejuvia, we understand that adding in another element to your lifestyle is challenging and can be confusing at times. Especially when that element is hemp, something that has just burst onto the wellness scene and has seemingly become a mainstream necessity for self-care. That’s why our biggest priority as a company is to provide our community with products and lifestyle solutions that are safe, transparent, effective, inclusive and, most importantly, worth it!

Recently, we connected with longtime customer Kateri Rosenberg about her Rejuvia experiences and how her lifestyle has adapted to include hemp CBD. We believe our word can only go so far, so we wanted you to hear about experiences from real community members about how CBD has positively impacted their lives. 

Meet Kateri. She is a 21 year old college student at the University of Maryland studying dietetics. She has a passion for health, wellness and expressing herself. In her spare time, she loves photography and art. Did we mention that she is also a certified personal trainer and works out almost every single day of the week? Yep, she lives a pretty busy, yet rewarding, life. 

She has always been a huge advocate for wellness and mental health. She has been dealing with generalized anxiety for quite some time now, and that’s where Rejuvia comes into her life. Considering her busy college student life and her anxiety, she says, “Rejuvia helps to keep me calm without the added THC so I can continue my days and get everything I need to done.”

Her favorite product is the 10mg softgels. The convenience and ease of adding them into her lifestyle is very appealing to her and they help manage her daily stresses. She commented that “Rejuvia CBD capsules help to keep me level headed.” Hemp CBD is known to help ease anxiety and bring balance, harmony and tranquility to one’s lifestyle, and Kateri is definitely enjoying those benefits. 

Kateri has a bunch of stress-relieving tools. In particular, she enjoys journaling in her free time. Journalling is known for evoking mindfulness, improving emotional intelligence, strengthening self-discipline and improving communication skills: all necessary aspects for a healthy lifestyle. 

Rejuvia continues to be an important component of Kateri’s lifestyle. To her, “CBD is just another tool [she] really likes to use when things seems too overwhelming and [needs] a bit more help.” Harmony, tranquility and balance are all achievable through simple lifestyle solutions, and for Kateri, that’s CBD. 

Inner harmony and a shining spirit are the core to your wellness. Rejuvia’s wellness collection curates pure and organic hemp creations for those seeking daily clarity, personal resilience, restful sleep and refreshed feeling skin. Paired with refreshing organic essential oils, natural botanicals, phytocannabionoids and antioxidants, Rejuvia ensures every moment is refreshing and yours to lead. Every product is crafted to easily conform with your lifestyle and is quality assured through third-party lab testing to ensure your pure happiness.

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