Does CBD Affect Energy and Focus?

Do you feel exhausted or fatigued? Do you ever simply feel as if you lack the energy you would like to have to get through each day? Maybe you feel distracted, constantly moving from one thing to another, unable to focus on the tasks of your daily life as you would like to. If any…

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Tip: What to Look for When Shopping for Hemp CBD

Display of CBD Hemp Oil in Radnor

There are a lot of CBD companies and brands out there, and we understand how confusing it can be at times to make the best product decision. We’re here to help you with this. We want you to understand what is important to consider when buying your CBD. We stand by our belief that not…

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Rasmus Andersen Partners with Rejuvia

Active community in Wayne

Rejuvia recently joined forces with CrossFit Games athlete Rasmus Andersen. Rasmus decided to sign on with Rejuvia to be an ambassador and a new pathway to bring hemp CBD into the CrossFit world. CrossFit and CBD There are numerous CrossFit athletes nowadays that use hemp CBD to their advantage. The CrossFit world has always been…

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Why are Hemp CBD Lab Reports so Important?

Hemp CBD is so popular nowadays that you can find it in many stores and in many types of food. You can even find it in soap, shaving cream and toothpaste! Although the market is growing at an incredible rate and gaining popularity all over the country, it is still unregulated and has a lot…

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Can CBD Promote Better Sleep?

Too Many Sleepless Nights? There’s no denying that we live in a fast-paced, busy world. Often, many of us feel as if we’re running a mile a minute, trying to accomplish everything that a busy day requires. Many of us, understandably, feel tired. Some of us, however, find ourselves even more tired if the fatigue…

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