Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to call home. In fact, Philadelphia Magazine listed Phoenixville as one of “10 Awesome Neighborhoods to Call Home.” Of course, those who live there already know this is true. Situated on the beautiful, broad Schuylkill River, Phoenixville has history, culture, and any number of wonderful festivals, activities, and entertainment options for those who live there and for those who visit. Whether taking in a show at the Colonial Theater, enjoying the annual Firebird Festival, or enjoying any one of the beautiful parks around the community, those who live in Phoenixville live busy, active lives.

Understandably then, it also makes sense that, if you live in such a wonderful place, you want to be able to enjoy each day to the fullest. Part of enjoying each day to the fullest is taking good care of your health. Unfortunately, many people put their health on the back burner far too often in the midst of their busy lives. Many get used to feeling less than their best, but it shouldn’t be this way. We should all be able to take steps towards achieving overall better health naturally and to go through our days with the energy and vitality we need to function at our best. At Rejuvia, we are happy to inform our Phoenixville customers that, by adding CBD to their daily routines, this goal can become a reality.

Why CBD?

Those who stay informed about the latest health and wellness news may have recently heard quite a bit of talk about cannabidiol – or CBD for short. And even if you don’t follow the latest health trends, chances are you may have seen CBD providers in your community or advertised online. There is much excitement about CBD, which has become increasingly popular over the last few years – though a good deal of misinformation also still exists.

At Rejuvia, we believed that an informed customer is not only a happier customer, but also one who is better equipped to make the best decisions about their health and wellness needs. That’s why we want our customers to know the important facts about CBD:

  • CBD interacts naturally with the systems already at work in our bodies: Almost all mammals have an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for keeping the body balanced and functioning at an optimal level. This includes people as well as pets like cats, dogs, and other mammals. That system helps to manage a number of important bodily functions including temperature, metabolism, release of important chemical neurotransmitters, and more. It does so through a system of cannabinoid receptors – both those that our bodies produce as well as those like CBD, which are produced by outside sources and ingested. CBD and other cannabinoids send signals that the receptors translate to help our bodies function properly. Because it works naturally within our bodies, CBD is very effective at increasing wellness and has very few side effects.
  • CBD enhances wellness in a variety of ways: From reducing the effects of mood disorders to helping provide joint relief, healthier skin, and encouraging a restful night’s sleep, CBD offers many benefits. It is also generally helpful in increasing overall feelings of calm, relaxation, and wellness.
  • CBD is not the same as marijuana: Understandably, many confuse CBD with marijuana, which is another varietal of the cannabis plant. CBD, to be legal however, must be derived from hemp plants that contain .3% or less THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that creates the feeling of being “high” experienced by those using it. CBD products contain little to no THC, and as a result, offer desired health benefits without any other effects that may not be desired.
  • CBD comes in a variety of products: From topical applications like creams and balms to orally ingested products like softgels and tinctures, CBD comes in a variety of forms. All offer benefits, and the selection that’s best for you will, of course, depend on your personal preferences and health goals.

Experience the Rejuvia Difference Today

At Rejuvia, we are proud of the pure, excellent selection of products that we have available, and we are excited to be able to provide them to the Phoenixville community. We believe strongly in the benefits that CBD offers, and in the difference it can make in your overall wellness. We would love to have a moment to talk with you about any of our products, to answer any questions you may have, and to assist you in choosing the product or combination of products that are the most helpful for your needs. Call us or visit our website at any time. We hope to be able to help you soon!