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Whether you refer to Pittsburgh as “The City of Bridges,” “The City of Steel,” or “The City of Three Rivers,” you are correct, as this dynamic, bustling city is known for all three nicknames and much more! Here are a couple of fun facts about this energetic city:

  • It is referred to as “The City of Bridges” because of its whopping 446 bridges! Out of every city in the world, only New York, NY; Amsterdam; Netherlands; and Hamburg, Germany have more!
  • It was coined “The City of Steel” because it’s home to 300+ steel-related businesses.
  • Because Pittsburgh is positioned at the junction of three rivers (The Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers), it is also called “The City of Rivers.”
  • Little known fact: 1891 to 1911, Pittsburgh was officially spelled without its “h”! Only after a special meeting of the United States Geographic Board, held on July 19, 1911, did that “h” get added, and they haven’t looked back.

Those who are fortunate enough to call Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home live in a city that has been called mighty, beautiful, and welcoming – and likely, if you live there, you know that it is indeed all of those things. It is a city with so much to offer – from cheering in the stands at a Pirates or a Steelers game, to enjoying nature and animals at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens or the Pittsburgh Zoo, or simply enjoying the dining, shopping, and other activities that the city offers, there is always something to do. Even if you are just going through your normal, daily routine, this spirited, eclectic city is a great place to live.

If you are ready to experience all of the energy and excitement this amazing city has to offer and enjoy each activity to its fullest, you want to do so feeling and functioning at your best. And, if you are seeking an all-natural, safe, and portable health and wellness option to put the pep in your step, CBD may be the option you’ve been looking for! Short for cannabidiol, this beneficial compound has been sweeping the nation at a rapid pace as it continues to receive accolades from everyone who adds it to their routine. Because it is safe, non-addictive, and highly versatile, it is a great travel partner, as it encourages a healthy mind and body.  At Rejuvia, we offer a wide selection of CBD products to help you focus on what’s really important: getting the most out of life.

Rejuvia – The Best Choice for Your CBD Needs

Without question, over the last several years, there has been much excitement across the country about the “wonder supplement” CBD. This is understandable, as CBD offers any number of benefits to those who use it. As CBD has become so popular, there are many stores, spas, and even coffee shops and restaurants selling it in their products.

At Rejuvia, we know that those who live in Pittsburgh have many choices when it comes to choosing CBD products. But at Rejuvia, we believe that we’re the best choice. Why? The answer is simple – our focus on quality from seed to bottle, every step of the way. We believe that our customers deserve nothing less. That means that, from the time we plant the first hemp seed in the ground until the time the product is finally bottled and placed on the shelf, our emphasis is on creating a pure, safe, and natural product that delivers all of the benefits our customers want. We work hard to achieve that goal with every product, every time. How exactly do we do that? It’s simple:

  •       We use all-natural farming methods: At Rejuvia, we grow our proprietary strain of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp in the nutrient-rich soil of Colorado using all-natural farming methods, overseen with care throughout each step of the growing process. After all, quality products begin at the very beginning – with the very first seed planted into the ground.
  •       We have advanced extraction and purification processes: Our team of chemists, product formulators, and top researchers and experts in the industry have created sophisticated processes for extraction and purification that ensure the preservation of the whole plant profile – which means significantly more beneficial for you, the consumer.
  •       All of our products contain the ingredients you want, and none of those that you don’t: Because of our sophisticated extraction and purification methods, at Rejuvia, we are able to ensure that the products our customers purchase contain all of the wonderful cannabinoids, sterols, terpenes, and flavonoids they want, but are free of any unwanted ingredients like pesticides, chemicals, or solvents that they would rather not consume. We can also ensure, due to our advanced extraction and purification methods, that all of our products are 100% THC free, for our customers who would rather not consume THC for whatever personal reasons they may have.
  •       All of our products are thirdparty lab-tested to ensure purity and quality: We can also promise our customers that each and every one of our products is lab-tested to ensure quality and purity. We even include the test results on the label of each product we sell. Purity and peace of mind – that’s our promise.

We believe that all of these qualities make Rejuvia stand out above the rest and make Rejuvia the best choice, by far, for all of your CBD needs. And if our extraordinary measures to create top-notch CBD products wasn’t enough, we offer industry-leading customer service. Because to us, our customers are an extension of our family, and we are deeply invested in every single one of you. We don’t have an automated customer service line or email address. Instead, we pride ourselves in providing individualized customer service, responding to every call or message personally. Reach out to us via phone or online, and we will be happy to remind you why Rejuvia is the number one choice to buy hemp CBD oil in Pittsburgh, PA, and across the country. 

Experience Rejuvia CBD Products Today

If you live in Pittsburgh and you are ready to take the next step towards experiencing CBD and all that it has to offer, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the wide variety of products that we offer and to help you find the product or products that would best fit your personal needs and goals. We understand that many customers have questions about particular products and about CBD in general, and we would welcome those questions, too. We are passionate about CBD and about seeing our customers improve their quality of life by using it. What are you waiting for? Buy hemp CBD oil in Pittsburgh, PA from Rejuvia. Start experiencing the benefits of CBD today. Call us or visit us online soon. We look forward to helping you with all of your CBD needs!

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