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Do you live in the beautiful community of Malvern, Pennsylvania? If so, there is much to love about the place you call home – a truth which you likely already know very well. Malvern is a wonderful place to live, whether you are enjoying the beautiful outdoor amenities and shopping and dining options around town, or whether you are simply going about your daily routine, you always want to do so feeling at your best. Many who feel this way have probably heard much about CBD, a relatively new “wonder supplement” to hit wellness markets across the country. Many wonder exactly what CBD is and if it would be beneficial to use. At Rejuvia, we are happy not only to provide helpful information about CBD, but to offer a wonderful selection of CBD products to those who live in the Malvern community. Buy Hemp CBD Oil in Malvern at Rejuvia today.

CBD – What You Need to Know

Without question, cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has recently exploded onto the market in many communities across the country. While it used to only be found in select markets, following the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, it became federally legal to sell hemp and all hemp-derived products containing .3% THC or less. As a result, CBD can now be found in all kinds of places – from coffee shops offering CBD beverages, to spas offering CBD facials, to stores selling CBD products in any number of forms to suit customer preferences and needs. All of this excitement is, well, exciting. In other ways, however, it can also be overwhelming. It can be hard, as a consumer, to differentiate fact from fiction – to know what is true about CBD, and what is simply a rumor.

While this confusion is understandable, at Rejuvia, we also believe that it is unnecessary. CBD – and the benefits it offers – is simple. The information about it should be too. In a nutshell, you should know that:

  •       CBD is derived from the hemp plant: CBD is one of approximately one hundred cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant, along with many other beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds. CBD is extracted directly from the hemp plant to be used in any number of products.
  •       CBD offers any number of benefits to those who use it: Certainly, the benefits of CBD will be somewhat different and unique for each person who uses it – after all, we are all unique and have our own particular circumstances and goals. But nevertheless, those who use CBD have consistently reported any number of beneficial effects in any number of ways.
  •       CBD is not the same as marijuana: Understandably, because CBD and marijuana are both derived from varieties of the cannabis plant, many assume that CBD and marijuana are the same. While this misconception makes some sense, in reality, marijuana and CBD are quite different. One of the most important differences to note for those who are considering using CBD on a regular basis is that, unlike marijuana, hemp-derived CBD contains little to no THC, and as a result, causes no psychoactive effects. We take this one step further and completely remove all traces of THC from our products. Therefore, those who wish to use CBD on a regular basis can do so with the peace of mind that they desire.
  •       CBD can safely be used in a variety of forms: Some people prefer CBD products that they can consume orally – products like edibles, softgels, or tinctures, while others prefer products that they can apply topically, like creams, balms and salves. If purchased from a provider like Rejuvia that focuses on creating pure, premium products from seed to bottle, customers can be assured that, regardless of which form of CBD they take, they will reap any number of desired benefits.

Buy Hemp CBD Oil in Malvern From Rejuvia Today

At Rejuvia, we are honored to have the opportunity to offer an excellent selection of premium, high-quality CBD products to members of the Malvern community. Our product selections include softgels and tinctures for those customers who are interested in orally-consumable products, as well as wonderful topical applications like creams and balms. Regardless of the product you choose, you can be assured that you will always receive a pure, potent product that delivers the benefits you desire. If you have any questions about the products we offer, or whether a certain product might be well suited for your needs, we would be glad to answer those questions and any other questions you may have about CBD and the many benefits it offers. There is no day like today to begin experiencing the many benefits of CBD. Buy Hemp CBD Oil in Malvern at Rejuvia today. Call us or visit us online at any time – we are looking forward to helping you soon!

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