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Do you live in the wonderful community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania? If you do, then you already know that it is a great place to call home. In beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch country, there is so much to see, do, and enjoy. Whether you’re spending a day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Refreshing Mountain, or on the Strasburg Railroad, or simply engaging in the normal activities of daily life, it is a lovely place to be. It goes without saying, then, that if you live here, you want to spend each day enjoying all that Lancaster offers to the fullest – and that means feeling your best.

If you are interested in doing exactly that, and you follow the latest news about the newest supplements on the market, you may have heard quite a bit of excitement in recent years about cannabidiol, or CBD for short. If you’ve heard that CBD is somewhat of a “wonder supplement,” you may be interested in learning more about it or in trying it for yourself. At Rejuvia, we are happy to serve the Lancaster community and to introduce its residents to CBD and all that it has to offer.

The Rejuvia Promise

At Rejuvia, our focus is on creating a pure, safe, beneficial product – every time. What does this mean for you, the customer? It means that, when you buy hemp CBD oil in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from Rejuvia, you are purchasing a product that:

  •       Is sourced from hemp grown with natural farming methods: All of the hemp from which we source our products comes from naturally developed phytocannabinoid-rich strains to ensure that the products have unmatched potency and consistency, and contain all of the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids our customers want to harness the “entourage effect” of maximum benefit from the product they choose.
  •       Is premium grade: Each and every one of our products are manufactured in a Current Good Manufacturing Practices facility to ensure that they are premium-grade, and to ensure the potency and consistency that our customers desire.
  •       Is manufactured using the most advanced extraction and purification processes.
  •       Is carefully crafted for maximum absorption: The softgels that we offer at Rejuvia have more than twice the normal absorption rate to the patent-pending nanotechnology that we use during our manufacturing process. This means that our customers receive the CBD benefits they want more efficiently and more effectively.
  •       Is 100% THC free: At Rejuvia, we realize that some of our customers have their own reasons – whether personal, professional, or religious – for not wanting to consume THC in any amounts. We respect that preference, and it is why we use a proprietary purification process to selectively remove any THC. We then confirm that the purification efforts were successful by using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography testing because we believe our customers deserve quality products as well as peace of mind.
  •       Is third party lab-tested for purity and potency: We batch test all of the products we create to ensure that they contain all of the beneficial ingredients they should and no unwanted fillers or chemicals that they shouldn’t. We also include a link to the test results on the label of each product so that our customers can scan and review the results at any time they wish. We believe you should know what goes into your products and into your body. 

And beyond receiving all of these amazing benefits, when you choose Rejuvia, you are choosing products proudly made right here in the United States. You’re also choosing a product with a wonderful customer service support team. At Rejuvia, our team is available by live chat, phone, or email to answer any questions you might have about our products or address any concerns about what dosage might fit you best. We always love having the opportunity to talk with our customers!

Start Your New Chapter with CBD Today

At Rejuvia, we truly care about our Lancaster customers, and we believe strongly in all of the benefits that our CBD has to offer them. We are passionate about educating our community about CBD, and we truly enjoy helping our customers find the right product or combination of products to improve their lives. When you choose Rejuvia for your CBD needs, you are choosing a business that is locally owned and operated in Pennsylvania. We’re a business that truly cares about the community and the relationships that we build with our customers. We are here and more than happy to answer any questions you may have about CBD generally or about any of our products particularly. You can reach us by phone, email, or live chat, and can visit us online at any time. We look forward to helping you find the CBD product that is the perfect fit for your needs soon!

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