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Health and wellness have come a long way since the days of just clean eating and exercising regularly. I have been an athlete my whole life, so exercising and eating food to fuel my body has always been incorporated in my lifestyle. In the last couple of years, I have been exploring different ways to benefit my overall wellness through yoga, vitamins, mindfulness, and CBD. During COVID-19, I have found new opportunities to incorporate wellness into my life and have loved the peaceful feelings that come along with them.

It is important we continue to eliminate the stigma of anxiety, especially during times like this when we are all trying to navigate through unchartered waters. My anxiety has been increasing due to the uncertainty we face day to day, and it is normal to feel unsettled. Although we can’t control many aspects of the trying times we are going through, we can control how we treat our bodies and minds. To-do lists have allowed me to take a step back and get things done that are the most important that day. In addition, I’ve been making a list of things I’m grateful for that we can’t do during quarantine. It is a great way to find things I’m looking forward to, and when we can go out and live normally again, I’ll remember to feel extra grateful for the everyday joys!  Here are a few other things I have been doing to feel my best and stay grounded:

1. Move your body mindfully.

Doing yoga allows me to focus on my breath, which clears the mind and allows more space for positivity. My friends and I have set up a space in our house with a heater, mats, and candles in order to recreate the feeling of being in a real studio. Yoga allows us to connect our minds with our bodies. It has been extremely helpful to relieve stress and tension we are unknowingly holding.

2. Get a good night’s sleep.

I have been taking the Rejuvia Midnight Breeze CBD Oral Sleep Spray to help with a natural, relaxing way to fall asleep. My anxiety increases at night, so it can be hard to fall asleep with my thoughts racing in every direction. The CBD helps calm my mind, and I love how organic the ingredients are. 

3. Have a morning routine.

Making my bed, taking my morning CBD, probiotics, and face masks have become parts of my morning routine that keep me grounded and allow me to feel organized amongst the chaos. CBD in the morning makes me

 feel relaxed throughout the day and I am able to feel more emotionally balanced. I love preparing myself to stay calm and focused during the day by taking Rejuvia, keeping my space clean, and checking things off my to-do list each day.

4. Find new, healthy recipes to create.

Not only have I started my own Instagram account and blog, I have been spending a lot of my free time finding new recipes online to make. There are tons of healthy recipe websites that I’ve followed to make granola, smoothies, and fun dinners. Since being back at school, my friends and I have also been looking into new cocktails to make. Finding new food and drink recipes gives me something to do, and makes me feel good when others can enjoy the final products with me!

Adding CBD into my daily routine has stabilized my emotions and allowed me to find grounding when times of uncertainty. Everyone can work on wellness in their own ways—different forms of exercise, what foods they feel fuels their bodies best, and products that work well with their schedules. Rejuvia has on-the-go products for all different times of the day, which make it super convenient for all lifestyles. I’m looking forward to creating new dessert recipes and night cap cocktails to create with their variety of products. Make sure to follow along on social media for future recipes and posts!

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