Discover clarity, relief and sleep naturally. REJUVIA’s wellness collection is curated with pure and organic hemp CBD, active botanicals and unmatched standards of purity and transparency.

I need to know what exactly I’m putting into my body daily and I know that when I take REJUVIA, I’m taking the highest quality CBD out there.


The Peppermint Serenity helps me with my soreness and inflammation as well. I see the most results when it comes to my sleep.




Our CBD oral sprays are quick, fast acting and perfect for on-the-go.



It’s important to us and it should be to you.









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Slowly descend into a serene rest with Midnight Breeze, or energize your morning through a spritz of Glowing Lucidity ✨


Our Sunday meditations.. ✨

#REJUVIA @3rdritual @pratimaskincare


Elevate your lifestyle through a simple wellness ritual. Either first thing in the morning, or last thing before bed, Peppermint Serenity is here to bring you bliss & comfort. #REJUVIA

SUNDAY: for rest, for serenity and for balance ✨


Weekend latte inspiration from @laurenfisher ✨ we’re loving this latte recipe for a serene start to your day. Follow her steps:

First step ➡️ Make Tea

1 Tablespoon Turmeric Ginger Tea
1 Teaspoon Honey
Hot Water

Second Step ➡️ Froth Milk Blend

140ml of @oatly Barista Oat Milk
1 Dropper of our Peppermint Serenity Tincture

Third Step ➡️ Add Milk to Hot Tea

Fourth Step ➡️ Enjoy with a good book! #REJUVIA

Pure, natural wellness starting from the inside out.

Your wellness doesn’t come from big, fancy changes on the outside. It comes from small shifts in your mindset or small shifts in your daily routines. One small, consistent change in your lifestyle can be entirely life-changing over time. #REJUVIA

The essential boost to your vibrant lifestyle. A simple solution to bring you resilient immunity, and mental clarity. ✨ #REJUVIA ...

Pure; unmixed with any other matter. ✨

Through in-house and third-party lab testing, we’re able to ensure our hemp’s purity with absolute consistency.

Our entire seed to bottle process is in our control. From organically grown hemp, to nano-emulsifying our CBD to enhance bioavailability, we ensure purity and consistency in every batch. #REJUVIA

Your daily solutions for balance, clarity & Serenity. A spritz of Glowing Lucidity to give your morning a focused start, followed by a touch of Midnight Breeze to bring your day to a serene halt. #REJUVIA ...

An immunity-boosting, herbal-infused tea for your self-care:

2 cups of water

A vibrant leaf of peppermint - rich in vitamin C, potassium and magnesium

A touch of lemon juice

A tea flavor of your choice

Bring your water to a boil, and allow your tea to steep for at least 5 minutes. Include your peppermint leaf while steeping for added taste.

Once done steeping, add in a splash of our Peppermint Serenity to bring your creation to life, and a touch of lemon juice for an immunity boost. #REJUVIA ✨

Embrace a Golden Vitality ✨ Our physical wellness stems from deep within - curcumin promotes a healthy inflammation response to support joint, brain and digestive health. #REJUVIA ...

The purity your wellness has been desiring. Introduce a touch of Spirit & Harmony to your lifestyle, and uncover the better version of yourself. #REJUVIA ...

Arise with Glowing Lucidity; a calming, yet focusing precedent for your day ahead.

Entirely THC-free, and full of organic botanicals. A weekend of Glowing Lucidity is a weekend like no other.. #REJUVIA

You’ve never slept like this before.

A pure blend of melatonin and organic sleep botanicals will bring you revitalizing, refreshing energy each morning. Don’t allow grogginess and a clouded mind become your norm.

Experience clarity and tranquility each and every night with a touch of Midnight Breeze or Pure Tranquility.

#REJUVIA #BalanceYourWorld

Don’t allow stress, worry and discomfort be your new norm. Re-discover your balance and inner clarity through a small lifestyle solution.

Find composure with a synergistic blend of hemp + antioxidants + flavonoids and fatty acids.

#REJUVIA #BalanceYourWorld

Simple, convenient, effective.

Our Peppermint Serenity has quickly become a community favorite. Being able to control your own dosage, and start at your own pace is one of our tincture’s best features. Your experience is in your hands. #REJUVIA

A Spirit & Harmony closeup 🦋

Nano-emulsified, our softgels have over a 50% absorption rate. The more Spirit & Harmony you want, the less CBD you need.

Our softgels also are derived from organically grown hemp, and contain a blend of terpenes, sterols, flavonoids and antioxidants. You’ll only find essential, and restorative ingredients in our softgels.

From 10mg to 25mg, a touch of Spirit & Harmony in your lifestyle is sure to bring you balance, and a natural wellness solution. #REJUVIA

We are so excited to announce our partnership with SVN Space to empower our mission of illuminating the wonders of hemp, and the fearless women taking charge of the industry.

Svn Space is a female-focused platform dedicated to the education and illumination of the hemp plant and the women in the industry. In 2019, Svn Space was named Breakthrough Brand of the Year by FounderMade and is set to continue to rebrand hemp, and bring to light its infinite wonders.

We're proud that our team at REJUVIA is 70% women-led. Our partnership with SVN Space represents our deep conviction that hemp and women have the power to better our world and bring us a brighter future.